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For the youth,
by the youth

Main Collaborations

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Our Goals

o    Developing our community and work to raise and promote it continuously.

o    Building cooperation between young volunteers, associations, and institutions working in the fields of the environment and volunteerism.

o    Utilizing youth expertise and skills to serve local communities and to expand their expertise through internships.

o    Crystallizing the personality of young people and individuals in society by touching on the needs of their community.

o    Providing opportunities for creative young people to implement their ideas and apply them on the ground and express their views, and develop their abilities and skills in solving problems and achieve successful solutions.

o    Contributing to reaching the goal of one million volunteers by 2030.

Making A Difference

Our Members

A look into SYAG members and their experiences, qualifications, and requirements

Our Projects

A look into the opportunities SYAG provides the youth in order to serve local communities in Saudi Arabia

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