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SYAG in Numbers





Our Members

SYAG takes pride in every single member advocating as an integral part of the platform. Our members are ambitious, hardworking youth that wish to become active members of the Saudi Community and better themselves. We here at SYAG carefully handpick the members through a filtration process with certain criteria including: being youth between the ages of 14 to 22, being able to speak both English and Arabic, and to show incentive to better themselves as well as the community.

A Word From The Founder

“SYAG is a social enterprise that strives to impact its community through the most essential part; its youth. Starting at an earlier age promotes the youth of this community to get out, widen their experience, increase their set of skills, and create a larger impact on their community. Imagine the kind of impact that could come later on from someone who started getting themselves out there at an earlier age! Through the opportunities that we provide, we hope to create a network of youth around Saudi Arabia that can largely affect and impact their community in many ways. It's not just about the opportunity; it's about the potential that opportunity has. Everything we do here in SYAG is to promote the idea that we as youth can. And in that, we hope to succeed, as SYAG is for the youth, by the youth.”

- "Abdulaziz Bin Taleb - Founder and CEO"

A Word From Our Members

"SYAG has taught me how to be committed and has offered me many opportunities that I'm grateful for. It also helped me develop many soft skills and social skills."

-Shukran Almandili, Jeddah 

"Being a member of SYAG has changed my view of the world of opportunities. Overall, it seems difficult; however, it turned out to be simple and fun due to the service provided by them. I would like to express my gratitude for them"

-Mansour Almarzooqi, Riyadh

"SYAG has been an amazing opportunity as well as experience. It has taught me so many skills such as teamwork and leadership. It showed me how to give back to the community and be selfless."

-Ghazal Bin Talib, Jeddah

"Being a SYAG member means that you demonstrate team spirit, that serving the country and the society is your prominent goal, and you become a role model for younger generations. This experience provided me with great opportunities and valuable lessons that had enormous impacts on personal and academic levels..."

-Rufaidah Labban, Riyadh.

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