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Your main objectives as a sales officer is to: contact entities for the formation of partnerships, Increase annual revenue, determine the best strategies to increase growth, and expand brand presence



As a project manager you will be in charge of initiating, planning, and executing projects. Your role also includes ensuring operation efficiency and developing procedures.

Financial Manager 

As a financial manager, you are expected to fill many gaps regarding budget plans and financial timelines while maintaining general advice to prosper the team. You will also be working on developing financial statements as well as different pricing models.


Developers will be expected to produce, design, and manage web and app software as well as maintain existing software.

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager you will be expected to produce marketing strategies to help us identify and reach new clients, expand our outreach, develop our brand, and adequately convey our value proposition and identity.

HR Manager

A Human Resource manager is responsible for administering employees such as recruiting, hiring, planning, and coordinating the administrative functions of Syag.

Communications Officer

As a communications officer you will be tasked with an array of responsibilities ranging digital marketing strategies to supporting the team in department wide tasks


As a photographer you will be asked to attend events where SYAG volunteers are present or SYAG hosts to take photographs and videos of the people and the surroundings.

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