Cyber Security 

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Abdulrhman Saud Al- Zunidi

Cybersecurity Senior Manager

A Senior Manager of Corporate Cyber Security Assurance and Awareness , a versatile Cybersecurity professional with diverse experience amongst multiple domains and functions. His experience has helped him drive and manage multiple projects and initiatives throughout the business vertical. Cybersecurity Senior Manager

Nida Husain Mukhtar

Cyber Security Engineer

A cyber security professional and a technology enthusiast who is passionate about her field. Her experience in versatile fields helped her lead multiple projects throughout the business. She demonstrates knowledge and skills in cyber security, computer networking, electrical and computer engineering fields.

Maisa Mohammed Alghauainam

Cyber Security Engineer

A Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics specialist with an experience in different domains/functions of Cybersecurity, including Penetration Testing, Network Analysis, Vulnerability Management and Malicious Program Analysis, Etc. I work currently in the field of Data Protection & I participated in several Cybersecurity awareness campaigns, and programs.

  • Deliver insight into Cyber Security.

  •   Raise awareness about Cyber Security

    attacks & impact.

  •   Empower the audience with the knowledge

    to combat against cyberattacks.

  •   Present real-life scenarios of cyber attacks.

  •   Overview on how to secure yourself from


  •   Exploring how to reduce cyber attacks


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